Management Training and Coaching Experts has been successfully operating since 2004, coaching, mentoring and training owners and staff of small to medium businesses as well as managers and staff across the corporate sector. Our specialised team has broad practical, commercial and leadership experience across a diverse range of industries, together with formal tertiary qualifications. We specialise in (but are not limited to) the health and allied health industries on a national and international level. 

Small and medium sized businesses generally cannot afford the luxury of employing departmental specialists such as Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, In House Training and Staff Development…. and the list goes on! We bridge this gap with committed, accountable and passionate consultants who provide quality, personalised service to clients based across the various specialised business spheres. All of our highly educated and experienced consultants, trainers, coaches and mentors are committed to delivering the tools and processes necessary for business success. 

Business growth and success requires focused outcome driven management, underpinned by staff education/training. Each business is assessed individually, and guaranteed of total confidentiality and professional support. Coaching, mentoring and training processes are never a “one size/template fits all” – customised programs as well as ongoing regular and consistent support are necessary to improve staff morale, productivity and business growth. The delivery methodology ensures the ambitions of each client/business are fully considered and outcomes are progressively monitored in order to achieve the desired successful results. Individual action plans are designed, produced and implemented across key areas of the business that need to be developed, reviewed and monitored. Growing your business doesn’t have to be complex or costly. We specialise in developing businesses in highly effective ways – steering businesses in new directions, new markets, improving processes and staff training, streamlining workflows, while also increasing revenue and profitability. 

We customize our delivery of services to your individual practice/business requirements. You decide and control what and how much we do, the level of involvement and your preferred method of delivery. We provide the insight and tools required to work more productively and profitably. Creating and developing superior customer relationship skills ensures that your practice and your patients/clients expectations are aligned. This in turn facilitates the successful delivery of your ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ (USP), which is the most important marketing component of any successful practice/business.

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